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Thursday, 28 September 2017

10 Things To Know Before Hiring Full Time Maids

Whether you live by yourself, with a spouse or with children, performing domestic chores such as house cleaning, cooking, washing, ironing, taking care of children and grocery shopping can be very tasking. That is why people usually hire maids to help them carry out these domestic services. Employing a full time maid has numerous benefits and although this bit of luxury doesn't come cheaply, it is usually worth the price.

A full time maid can be an independent person who works for their own or they belong to an agency. Before you hire a full time maid, here are 10 things that you should know.

1. The Employment Laws
Before you hire a full time maid, you should be aware of the employment laws. Even if you are using a maid agency or doing it yourself, it is important that you know these laws in order to protect yourself. It is mandatory that both employers and employees have a sound and equal understanding of employment law for a safe and fair working environment. Failure to adhere to these laws can be costly to you as an employer and the offence carries expensive fines and even custodial sentence.

2. Your responsibilities
As an employer, you will have the responsibility of ensuring that the general well-being of your employee is well catered for You should ensure that you are able to provide them with enough food, suitable accommodation and working environment as well being able to pay the salary on time.

3. Your Budget
Before you employ someone for domestic services, you usually have a budget of what you are willing to part with whether weekly or monthly. Unlike a part time maid, a full time maid is available 24/7. Generally, the more experienced the maid is, the more expensive they will be Maids usually charge based on the number of services they are required to deliver. Look for a maid that will fit in your budget and also it is good to have a flat rate charge rather hourly which is expensive.

4. Background and Identity verification
A full time maid is someone you will be staying with in your house and therefore checking their background information and identity is very crucial. This is someone you will be heavily relying on and therefore you need to look for that trust.

At one point you will leave them in your house and therefore it is important to employ a genuine individual with a very good background. You can use maid agencies and referrals to perform background checks. Ask for genuine identity card, passport and age.

5. Know Your Expectations and Work Boundaries
You need to have clear expectations on what the person you are employing is coming to do and won't be doing in your home. You can draft a chore list on what tasks you want to be performed and any other specific instructions that you might have Negotiate with your expected employee on how you expect things to be done before work begins. Ensure that you set boundaries on what you don't expect them to do or where you don't want them to go. Some rooms may be out of bounds for non-family members. If you don't want your helper to use your computer, TV, telephone and other things, stress it out before they begin to work.

6. Service proficiency
Service proficiency is one of the major things you should know about a maid before hiring them. Are they able to perform household tasks efficiently and effectively? If you want a house maid to do daily cleaning housework or cooking ensure that they can deliver all these without dragging themselves. Check if she is willing to wash and dry the clothes since some maids aren't willing to work without washing machines.

The idea of service proficiency is just to ensure that you are hiring someone who is going to efficiently perform the tasks that they are assigned.

7. Work Experience of The Maid

Full time maids especially the experienced ones are going to cost you a little more but it's usually worth it The experience matters because you don't want to employ someone who isn't well versed with what she is tasked to perform. You don't want to come home to find some of your kitchen ware broken, the babies aren't properly fed or the house disorganized.

Experience becomes important especially if you have kids at home. You only want to hire someone who understands the basics of communication and behavior around your kids.

8. Previous Illness
It is necessary for you to know what illness your expected helper has previously suffered from before you hire them. Enquire if they have any long term chronic illness because you don't want to hire someone who isn't medically fit to work or risks exposing you and your family to some transmissible diseases.

9. Time Commitment
As an employer, you have a duration in which you are seeking to hire someone. Have a commitment time line for you and your expected employee.

Know that you can have a trial period for a couple of weeks that will let your maid to fully adjust to your work expectations. A trial period will help to protect you and the maid because you can easily terminate them if they don't meet your expectations.

10. Additional Work Perks
A full time house maid is just like any other employee and they are entitled to additional benefits. Besides giving them some days off, they are entitled to salary increment, insurance benefits, vacations, paid sick leaves among other things.

Hiring a full time maid usually comes with multiple responsibilities and high expenses though its benefits to your household can be so immense. Hiring them through an agency can sometimes be very complicated but if you put in the time and effort to look for the best helper, there will be mutual benefits between you and your domestic worker. It is important to know which questions you will ask during the interview because you want to hire a person who will help you carry out the domestic chores effectively and efficiently.