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Saturday, 29 July 2017

Best Home Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

One of the most common chores at home is cleaning. Cleaning is an essential part of daily home maintenance. Cleaning is essential to every household in order to keep away harmful microorganisms that might cause diseases. For many people, cleaning can be an arduous and undesirable task. This is especially true if you are doing your cleaning the wrong way. Nowadays, you can find a lot of cleaning materials and accessories in Singapore. But if you don’t have the right cleaning tips and routine maintenance tips, the cleaning accessories cannot be of any use to you. So what are the best practices and home cleaning tips for high-quality house cleaning? Let’s look at some of them below.

1. Designate the different sections that need to be cleaned
The first thing that you need to do is to carefully identify and separate the different sections of the house based on their cleaning needs. Doing this is critical because you need to carry out your cleaning in an organized and efficient manner. Identifying the different areas helps you determine what kind of equipment and accessories you need to use for the job. The areas that require similar cleaning processes can be grouped into one and cleaned at the same time. If there are areas that could require more effort to clean, you can reserve sufficient time to clean them when it is appropriate.

2. Always start cleaning from the most remote areas
One of the practices you need to adopt is a cleaning routine that prioritizes efficiency and allocates time based on cleaning requirements. This is important because you need to do a cleaning job that is both energy-efficient and time-saving. When you start cleaning your house from the bedroom, for instance, you are sure that once you are done with that area, there will be sufficient time for the place to restore and have adequate time to dry up without any disruption or disturbances. Cleaning the living space last also gives you more time to focus on a thorough and comprehensive cleaning process.

3. Use the right cleaning equipment and accessories
There are many different cleaning accessories for house cleaning. You can find brooms, vacuum cleaners, dust clothes and many other accessories for cleaning. Each of these accessories has their different applications. You need to use every equipment the right way if you want to have an effective cleaning process. Mops, for instance, are the best for the floor whether you are doing wet or dry mopping. If you are just doing a routine sweeping, on the other hand, make sure that you are using the right broom. You can use a hand broom for quick sweeping of smaller areas and long brooms for comprehensive sweeping of the whole house.

4. Improvise every once in a while
Cleaning home environments is a clearly defined process for the most part. Despite that fact, there are particular times when some improvisation is needed in order to achieve the perfect job. The truth about every different home is that each house is arranged and designed differently. For this reason, some cleaning routines may not work best for every single home out there. For homes that have complicated interior designs, for instance, a more detailed approach is needed to achieve a good cleaning job. That is why you can opt to improvise and use cleaning substances like alcohol and vinegar to remove some kinds of stains where detergents are not able to do the job.

5. Do not use cleaning accessories that are nearly obsolete
Things like dusters, brooms, and mops are only effective when they are in proper condition. A worn out mop not only does a shoddy job but it also forces you to use too much energy when carrying out a cleaning routine. In general, you need to dispose of any cleaning equipment that cannot handle a cleaning job without leaving traces of dirt. Continuing to use a nearly obsolete accessory can only achieve the opposite of want you want.

In addition to these cleaning tips, you also need to develop some good maintenance practices in order to avoid quick build-up of dirt. Below are some two main maintenance tips you can use at your home. These practices are efficient and timeless:

1. Seal all unnecessary openings
Cracks and crevices in the house are the main inlets for dirt and other contaminants. When your house has too many openings, it can be a great challenge to control the amount of dust and dirt getting into the house. The best solution in this situation would be to seal off the unnecessary openings in the house. You can also look for more effective coverings like curtains and window blinds in order to control the dirt getting in. You should be mindful of how you go about the sealing exercise, however, because you do not want to block the important inlets of clean air.

2. Make use of mats, rugs, and carpets where necessary
Accessories like mats and rugs and very important when you want to control the amount of dirt getting into the house. These accessories are the best for maintaining a clean house because they help to reduce the frequency of cleaning routines. Mats kept at the door, for instance, are the best for trapping small dirt particles from shoes. Instead of focusing too much on the amount of time you spend on cleaning, you can choose to monitor the effectiveness of your mat over a period of time. Doing this is important when you want to keep your house clean for longer duration.


While it is impossible to entirely get rid of dirt and impurities at home, it is not impossible to clean your house in a more efficient and lasting manner. You have the ability to apply creative practices in your home cleaning routine in order to achieve desirable results. Cleaning home environments is not something that needs to take up too much of your time. With the above home cleaning tips, you can achieve an effective home cleaning job and use your extra time doing other productive things in your life.