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Thursday, 15 June 2017

List To Do on Toilet Cleaning

Singapore is a very crowded city, with a population of over 5.5 million. Considering that most of its inhabitants are professionals, it can be really hard for them to manage the house chores, along with their job. However, house-related tasks shouldn't be neglected, and if you have the right guidance, you will be able to do it in the shortest time. The following article will focus on a very important aspect, which is cleaning the toilet. Toilet cleaning is often neglected by many people, due to lack of time. Still, once you have all the necessarily information, you will realize that this task isn't so complicated, and you can follow this list to do, in just a few minutes.

1) Remove the Objects Around the Toilet
When you're cleaning the toilet, the water will splash everywhere and all the nearby objects tend to wet. Also, you will need plenty of space for cleaning the exterior part of the bowl, and you don't need any items to interfere with the job. Make sure that you put them nearby, because otherwise, you might forget to put them back when you finish. The top tank must be cleared of objects as well, because you don't want to drop anything in the bowl, while cleaning it. This is a very simple rule but most people seem to forget it or simply neglect it.

2) Insert the Cleaning Formula
Before you add the solution, you will need to flush. This way, all the impurities will be removed and you will be having a moist surface, perfect for any cleaning formula. There are many solutions available on the market, which come in gel, liquid or powder form. It's only up to you, which one you choose. Add the solution with care, and try to aim for the edges of the bowl. This way, the cleanser will cover the whole surface, and won't touch the water in the toilet. If you want better results, let the solution soak for at least ten minutes.

3) Clean the Exterior Bowl 
Now that you've applied the cleanser and it's soaking, you should focus on the exterior bowl. For that, you shouldn't use the same cleanser that you've been using for the interior. Instead, you should have a modern surface formula or even a window formula. They are both effective and will make the toilet bowl shinny and clean. While you're cleaning the exterior of the bowl, it's advisable to start from the top. This way, the solution will cover the whole bowl and it will allow you to finish the job faster. So start spraying and rubbing the whole surface with a rag or a napkin. Focus on the edges, as they tend to get dirtier. Once you've finished the rubbing and the bowl looks clean, get a dry rag and wipe the remaining impurities.

4) The Toilet Seat 
This is another important aspect, when toilet cleaning. You have to focus on the toilet seat because, even if it looks clean, it might have plenty of bacteria that need to be removed. The best method to clean the toilet seat is with an antibacterial cleanser. In order to start, you will have to lift the seat, and thoroughly spray it on the inside. Let it soak for a few seconds and then rub it, until the whole surface tends to dry. After that, you should lower the seat and repeat the same process on its exterior surface. Many toilets in Singapore come with detachable seats, so if you have one as well, you should take it off for a bit. This way, you will clean it better and you'll have a bigger maneuver space.

5) Return to the Inside Bowl 
Once the ten minutes have passed, you can proceed to cleaning the interior of the bowl. Be aware that the toilet cleansers are highly dangerous for human skin, so you should wear a pair of cleaning gloves, or any kind of glasses that you have around you. For this procedure, you will also need a soft brush or a sponge. Don't rub the toilet with abrasive items, because they tend to damage the ceramics. Proceed with scrubbing the bowl from the top, in clockwise moves. Scrub under the rim as well, because that's also a friendly place for bacteria. After you finish cleaning the rim and the superior part of the bowl, focus on the bottom part. Follow the same procedure and scrub, using clockwise moves. After you finish cleaning the interior of the toilet, put the lid down and flush.

6) Clean the Top Tank 
The top tank is also extremely important, even if it's distinct from the toilet. Considering that most top tanks in Singapore are white, they tend to look dirty as soon as they gather a little dust. That's why, it's better to use an antistatic solution, to avoid this problem in the future. Start spraying the tank's surface, and rub it gently with a soft napkin. It's important to be as delicate as possible, because if the tank is made of plastic, you might scratch it or break it. After the whole surface is clean and shinny, you should rub it again with a dry napkin.

7) Focus On the Details 
Now that you've finished the toilet cleaning, you will have to make it absolutely perfect. Even if you properly clean your toilet, there are some stains that will remain, and you will have to remove them as well. The best way to do it, is with a dry rag or a napkin. Try to look at the toilet and identify any stains of marks. Rub them gently, until you get a nice and shinny surface. After you do that, your toilet should be as good as new.


Toilet cleaning is considered by many, a very complicated task. However, once you have a full list to do and you know how to act, the whole job won't take you more than a few minutes. After you finish, you will be surprised by the results and you will be happy to make your toilet shine again.