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Saturday, 15 April 2017

Tips On How To Plan Your House Cleaning

Proper house cleaning can help you clean your house in the shortest time possible besides making it easier to do the cleaning. So, you need to familiarize yourself with expert’s house cleaning tips so as to save time and energy. The tips involve establishing a cleaning plan so as to clean your house in an orderly manner every time, knowing how to handle crucial areas such as kitchen cleaning and the right procedure for cleaning the floor. Put all your cleaning requirements and move to the first room;

The Bathroom
You’ll need the tile and tub cleaner, brush, toilet cleaner, a sponge and rug for cleaning the bathroom floor. Start from the top and move down to the floor. Clean all the mirrors, followed by the countertops, and sinks before cleaning the shower wall as well as the tub. When you finish with the walls, move to the toilet. Clean the bowl as well as the tank cover and proceed to the outside of your toilet. Lastly, clean the floor, starting from the farthest corner as you work your way towards the door.

The Kitchen
Grease unavoidably collect on kitchen cabinets, particularly those above the range. So, purchase a cleaner that contains orange oil and use it to wipe off the grease. Alternatively, use regular grease-cutting dishwashing detergent. It cuts through the oils, eradicating them from your kitchen cabinets. Mix one teaspoonful of the detergent with a basin of warm water and test the solution with an inconspicuous section. If the solution works, use it for your entire kitchen. For stubborn stains that resist the detergent, dissolve baking powder in water and use a cloth to scrub it on the problem area,

The Bedrooms
Strip the beds immediately you wake up in the morning. After taking your breakfast put the sheets in the dryer and start the house cleaning process. Straighten up the nightstands and dresses and if you have a ceiling fan, remove dust from it using a feather duster. Next, using a vacuum cleaner, clean the walls and remove any dust bunnies developing on the walls and clean the mirrors before pledging the dressers as well as bed headboards. Finally, vacuum the floor then remove sheets from the dryer and make your bed.

House Cleaning Tips

1. Have a Cleaning Method
This tip alone can help you cut your cleaning time by half; clean each room at a time, ensuring that you start and finish at the same point in each to avoid wasting time moving back and forth. Maintaining consistency will greatly help cut the time down because as you do repeat the procedure every time, you establish a routine. The routine forms the basis of your method thus giving you an inherently better house cleaning way. Speed will then emanate from your method and not from hurrying which implies efficient housecleaning.

2. Adopt Top-to-bottom, Left-to-right attack plan
Start with the highest points such as shelves, table tops and cupboards in your room and move across the room from left to right. This approach ensures you do not miss anything and ensures you don’t unintentionally knock dust onto cleaned lower shelves. After cleaning uppermost areas, clean the top of furniture, all handrails and undersides of shelves, picture frames, and knickknacks. Experts recommend paying particular attention to the top of furniture since that’s where the most dust gather before falling off. Dampen sufficiently with warm water the microfiber you are using so as to get rid of fingerprints.

3. Pick up Any Solids
You can only carry out the cleaning task proficiently if each level surface in your home is free of paper, dirty dishes, toys, and other clutter. So, pick such litter and dispose of to pave the way for efficient house cleaning. Avoid the temptation to sweep them to one side of your room, in the hope of finding ample time to discard them off later properly. Also, eliminate any distraction caused by out-of-place items so as to make the cleaning chores a quick and effortless task. While picking the clutter, take the time to second-guess your possessions. The fewer they are, the fewer the items you have to pick up and dust. Put books, magazines, DVD’s, toys and other items you’ve outgrown in a closet.

4. Use the right tools
Invest in sturdy, high-quality cleaning tools; replace rickety and outdated Mop with the latest, innovative swabs and invest in efficient cleaning products for simple and practical cleaning. Make sure you have at arm’s length all the necessary cleaning tools and products, so you won’t waste time moving back and forth to pick them from the cabinet positioned under the sink. Also, wear the right gear such as an apron and put the cleaners in small spray bottles which are substantially easy to carry. Try as much as possible to take everything you’ll need with you so as to stay organized thereby saving considerable time.

5. Sponge Windows for a Sparkling clean finish
Put few drops of dish soap in a basin of water; wipe it liberally on the window using a cloth before squeegeeing it off. Move from top to bottom, cleaning the blade every time at the bottom, and you’ll get a streak-free clean window. If a squeegee is not available, use a microfiber rug and a glass cleaner. As you wipe with the cloth, use horizontal strokes, moving from the top downwards. Do not rub the window in circles because if you do so it will leave streaks; you shouldn’t also wipe glass panes with a paper towel since it leaves a residue.


House cleaning can be an easy task provided you follow the follow expertly recommended the procedure and use the right cleaning techniques for various areas of your home. So, always use the above, house cleaning strategies and tips whenever you are cleaning your house, and you’ll save considerably not only time but also energy. Picking the clutter before starting ensures you do not get distracted while cleaning. Also, make sure you have all the necessary tools, cleaning detergents and carry enough requirements to ensure you do not waste time moving back and forth as you pick them.