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Monday, 28 September 2015

HDB Spring Cleaning Checklist

HDB Spring Cleaning Checklist

It is an essential part of owning an HDB unit in Singapore that you know how to take proper care of it for a healthy, nice and cozy home whether for yourself or your entire family. There may be times when cleaning seems overwhelming, especially when you have no idea where to start. No, you don't necessarily have to exert extensive efforts nor spend money with added expenses. All that you should do is familiarize yourself with some helpful tips and great ideas that will make spring cleaning a lot easier for you. Having a plan also gives you motivation to initiate the task and finish through until the end in a timely manner. Here's a checklist you can follow through to keep your HDB looking its best, for there's nothing like a clean home sweet home!

1. Gather Materials You Need

What is the point of a checklist without first having all materials ready? Otherwise, you will only find yourself stuck or slowed down with hindrances along the way. To ensure seamless spring cleaning of your HDB unit, have everything you need handy and within quick and easy reach. You will basically need a duster, glass cleaner, cleaning spray, sponge, garbage bags, rags, paper towels, and a vacuum cleaner.

2. Vacuum Regularly

This is the best thing you can do for maintenance since sweeping cannot completely remove particles from floors and carpets. Using a vacuum cleaner significantly removes dirt and dust, allergens and all other impurities on your flooring and floor covers that may be harmful to health. Doing it regularly helps prevent build up over time which does nothing but make cleaning tougher for you in the future, otherwise, frequent vacuuming will save you from hard work. This also applies to furniture, shelves and stairs which can likewise be vacuumed to cleanliness, aside from every nook and corner around the house. Floors must also be mopped clean or waxed depending on what type you have.

3. HVAC Maintenance

Monitoring your HVAC system lets you care not only for your unit, but your belongings such as furniture, and your family's well-being. Clean air filters produce the healthy air quality you all deserve at home, and minimize any floating contaminants around your house. Professionals can ensure all parts of your whole system are thoroughly cleaned. This results to an HVAC system functioning at its utmost potential with less frequent maintenance, and avoid the need for repairs as well as having to replace any of its parts or the whole sooner than expected.

4. Clean Your Furniture

This may be the most often overlooked during cleaning sessions, but could be the very things around the house that's totally dirty. Stains must be immediately removed to avoid having to deal with stubborn stains. There are various products that can aid you and make the process easier, and you can also opt for natural solutions you would probably find right within your kitchen, such as simple baking soda. Keep in mind that this should be done with utmost care for your furniture's delicate material and surfaces, such as fabric and leather sofas or metal home accents. Professional cleaning services can make certain various types of materials are given the best treatment to make it clean and even looking good as new!

5. Clean the Windows

The mere act of wiping windows clean greatly contributes to a nicer and cleaner HDB unit. The windows can also acquire impurities, streaks of water and stains, and allergens like pollen, dust, and dirt more than what you may think. You can make use of glass cleaners or natural mixtures found right at home. Your windows will be sparkling clean in no time if frequently cleaned, and sure enough, you will have a more beautiful HDB unit.

6. The Bedroom

You may not be very eager to clean a messy bedroom, but starting with just the sheets, bedcovers and pillowcases will help keep your room spic and span. Change and clean them frequently to avoid bed bugs, insects, or other microorganisms from thriving in your bedroom, causing itchiness and discomfort to both adults and kids. There are a lot of insects that may grow well in your bedroom. Not only can these harmful creatures cause skin rashes or redness, but can lead to health issues such as asthma and difficulty in breathing. Ideally, do this once a week and if you have a very busy lifestyle, have the sheets cleaned by a laundry service.

7. The Bathroom

Your bathroom is your very own sanctuary and private place which must be kept clean and maintained. This will prevent bacteria from forming and avoid build up of molds or mildew, which can have adverse effects on health, not to mention look unsightly within any home. Cleaning the bathroom includes removing long hair from the drain, hanging the shower mat to dry, clearing out soiled clothing and towels, and wiping the mirror, vanity and countertops. Keep the bathroom dry as much as possible and in the end, you will have a comfortable, spotless bathroom that's smelling fresh!

8. The Kitchen

It is said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and it's important that it is immediately cleaned right after use to avoid heavy build up of unwanted impurities. Wash dishes every day and clean up after meals. Do your best to have your cooking area sanitized for a clean look, more over for best practices when preparing meals. Throw away items that have gone past the expiration date, including those on the cabinets, shelves and refrigerator.

With the right plan and knowing the key things to prioritize during spring cleaning, it can be executed in an organized manner. Even those with fast-paced busy lifestyles can easily fit this into their schedules. However, if you are unable to do it personally, hiring a professional cleaning service company in Singapore is the best thing you can do. They can ensure your HDB unit is cleaned inside and out while not being a hassle to your daily activities and budget. You will surely have the cleanest house to come home to, and provide your family only the best and coziest home where everybody is comfortable.