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Sunday, 24 May 2015

7 Common Misconceptions On Office Cleaning

One of the greatest determinants of productivity of any firm is the organization of the office space. When everything within an office is in its right place, employees are less distracted. This will give them ample time to work towards achieving the goals of the firm by the end of the day. Furthermore, a well-organized office takes care of the hygiene. Cases of flying pieces of paper or sanitation material will not be witnessed. One other hand it is also improves your reputation as a business especially if you are new in the industry. Over time, visitors who drop by for one reason or the other will have positive comments to share with anyone who has not had the opportunity to visit your premises. Moreover, the working environment is one of the reasons that most people seeking jobs will consider. When you have a nice looking office, employees will have the feeling that their needs are taken care of. If you have an office where you cannot trace certain things yet there are, you need to do something as soon as possible. Some of the best offices cleaning tips have been outlined below just to make sure that you are among those who are orderly.

Stock office cleaning essentials

The process of getting your office cleaned will be a hard to think about in case you do not have the right tools to use for them same. Some of the equipments that may require include the paper towel, wipes dusting spray and the glass just to mention a few of them. You can come up with some cleaning tips on a piece of paper or the charts that are laminated particularly for your employees as a way to remind of the need to have the place they are undertaking their duties kept clean.

Storage of items

There are certain offices where if you went looking for something, you will spend the whole day without finding the same. To avoid such situations it will be better for you to have all the items keep in a certain order. Having the items labeled can also make it easier to find them during times we want them for particular duties. Those items that are used frequently need to be kept where they easily accessible while the others can take the left positions.

Desk organization

Have you ever an office where you found some things on the office desks? It is not necessary to have those things are not needed filling up your piece of furniture when you can have them kept somewhere else more securely. Some of the things that should not fill your desk since they are not use frequently include the paper clips, paper punch, calendars and the business cards.

Computers monitor and keyboard cleaning

There are offices where everything may seem to be in the best way you expect it only for you to notice that the computers seem to be very dusty. These devices equally need cleaning. You can acquire some special type of wipes to make the exercise a simpler one for you. While at your office, you can have snack in the course of the day. Picking up wipes daily will be a good idea for you to have monitors and the keyboard in the right condition. This will not only make them attractive but will also save you the high cost of repair when they breakdown or replacement. When you are through with the process for cleaning the monitor and the keyboard you can leave them for some minutes to dry before you begin using them.

Cleaning your office phone

Most people tend to ignore the office phone. Keeping it clean makes your office to look more attractive and than if, you left it the way it is over time. You can have it cleaned using a spray cleaner that has been attached to some piece of cloth. For better results, you can dip the piece of the cloth you are using in some rubbing alcohol so that you use the same for cleaning the area below the phones dial pad.

Maintaining of trash

You need to have the trash collected from the office removed more frequently so that there is no accumulation of the same.

The break room cleaning

In case the break rooms where food is usually served is within the office, there is need to give such areas much attention since they are likely to attract pests such as the rats. It will be wise to have the dishes cleaned immediately you are through with eating in order to be able to maintain the hygiene of the place at its highest level. When you have a large number of employees within the organization you will need to have a reasonable size of the dish rack so that you do not things crowded on the same. Asking the employees to have the dishes that have been dried kept off the rack for certain days of the week will make the rack more organized.

Office plants

One of the things that add beauty to the office is the plants. However, if they are not well managed, they might end up being the cause of disorderliness within the office. You will need to remove leaves that are dry as well as those shed more frequently in order to keep the plants in their best shape ever. In case there any signs of the plants getting decayed, you have to remove them as soon as you can, so that you have them replaced with others.

Areas behind the pieces of furniture

Although they are hardly seen by anyone, it does not mean they should not be given attention. Such areas need thorough cleaning so that the dirt does not spill over to the other parts of the office over time. It is very embarrassing after you have ensured all the various parts of the office are clean only for someone to show you material hidden behind the furniture that you posses.