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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

10 Reasons to Go for Professional House Cleaning

Whether it is our home or workplace there is no denying the fact we need to take some special effort to keep them in good condition. However, given the fact that most of us are busy and are short on time, it is only obvious that we often slip when it as far as proper cleaning house or office habits are concerned. This leads to our home and office becoming dirty. So, what is the way forward? We need to hire the services of professional house cleaning service providers. They are becoming quite popular because of some obvious reasons.

However, opinions are quite divided as far as hiring of these professionals is concerned. Hence it would be worthwhile to find out the various advantages and benefits of hiring these professionals. We are sure that the next few lines will give a reasonably good perspective about the various advantages which one can get by hiring these professionals.

1. Thorough Cleaning
One of the biggest advantages of hiring professional house cleaning services is that you can be sure about the quality of cleaning that you will get from them. Since they come with the right experience and expertise you can be sure that they will go all out to keep the home totally clean at all points of time. They use the best of techniques and methods to make this possible and we are sure that it will not be possible on our part to do the same. They know where exactly to look for dirt and debris. The will leave no stone unturned to clean the entire home including all nooks and corners.

2. They Can Suit Your Timings
Another important reason why it makes sense to choose these professionals is that the can clean the home exactly in the timings which suit you. You could choose either weekdays or weekends and they will take your convenience and comfort into account before actually getting into the act of cleaning of your home. You must also be aware of the other clean home benefits which you can expect from these professionals.

3. Home Based Services
You can expect 100% home based services when you hire these professionals. Of course they need to be at your home to clean it but they also take care of cleaning various fixtures, fittings and other movable items in your home without taking it to their factory or workshop.

4. They Will Keep The Home Free From Pests 
An unclean home without any doubt is the breeding ground for various pests and microorganisms. Hence you must give it the importance it deserves. Even if you delay cleaning the home for a few days, you could have quite a few pests infesting the homes. Once they take firm root, you can be sure that you will have a tough time exterminating them. Hence you must now show any carelessness on this aspect and make sure that you appoint a good professional house cleaning service provider. They know what it takes to keep the home and surroundings clean. Once this has been ensured, you can be sure that the home and also the surrounding areas will be free from any types of pests.

5. Better Quality Of Air
We may not realize that a major cause of various breathing ailments, skin allergies and other such problems could be attributed to the quality of indoor airs. Hence it is important to keep the indoor air clean and breathable at all points of time. This can be possible only when the insides of our home are clean and free from impurities. While use of modern gadgets including air filters could help, regular cleaning of the home and keeping it free from dirt, grime and other impurities is extremely important. This can become a reality only when all the rooms, the garden, backyard, the garage, attic, store room and other areas are cleaned on a regular basis. This is best done by hiring the services of these professionals.

6. Save Money
Though you could spend money in hiring these professionals, if you look at it from the right perspective you will no doubt be saving money in the whole bargain. You can keep the quality of the home in good condition. This will ensure that you and your family members are relatively free from diseases caused by unclean surrounding and quality of air. This will in itself help you to save big amount of money and keep the whole family healthy. Given the high cost of medical bills this will translate in smart savings especially over a long period of time.

7. Your Home Will Look Much Better
If you spend time and choose the right house cleaning professionals, your house will no doubt look much better, cleaner and neater. The walls will look new and well painted, the flooring will be ever so shiny, and the furniture, fixtures and fittings will also look spick and span and will attract the attention of passerby.

8. The Value Of Your Home Will Increase
A clean and well maintained home will be a pleasing site and it has been found that it could help a lot in increasing the value of your property. This is not a mere statement and there are studies to prove that a clean and neat home, including the garden and backyard could see its value increasing by at least 15 to 20%.

9. Increases Longevity
If we pay attention to the cleanliness of our homes and appoint professional, you can be sure that the durability and longevity of your home will get increased quite significantly. For example the wooden furniture and fixtures will be free from infestations of microorganisms. The plumbing and electrical work will also last that much longer. The painting, artworks and other such costly investments will also have an extended life.

10. You Can Expect The Best Of Machinery & Infrastructure 
Finally the biggest benefit of hiring these professionals is that you will have the best of infrastructure and facilities available at your doorsteps and this certainly is a great way to keep your home clean, green and perfect from all points of view.


Hence at the end of the day there is hardly any doubt that hiring a good house cleaning professional is not a revenue expenditure but an investment for increasing the value of your home.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Tips On How To Plan Your House Cleaning

Proper house cleaning can help you clean your house in the shortest time possible besides making it easier to do the cleaning. So, you need to familiarize yourself with expert’s house cleaning tips so as to save time and energy. The tips involve establishing a cleaning plan so as to clean your house in an orderly manner every time, knowing how to handle crucial areas such as kitchen cleaning and the right procedure for cleaning the floor. Put all your cleaning requirements and move to the first room;

The Bathroom
You’ll need the tile and tub cleaner, brush, toilet cleaner, a sponge and rug for cleaning the bathroom floor. Start from the top and move down to the floor. Clean all the mirrors, followed by the countertops, and sinks before cleaning the shower wall as well as the tub. When you finish with the walls, move to the toilet. Clean the bowl as well as the tank cover and proceed to the outside of your toilet. Lastly, clean the floor, starting from the farthest corner as you work your way towards the door.

The Kitchen
Grease unavoidably collect on kitchen cabinets, particularly those above the range. So, purchase a cleaner that contains orange oil and use it to wipe off the grease. Alternatively, use regular grease-cutting dishwashing detergent. It cuts through the oils, eradicating them from your kitchen cabinets. Mix one teaspoonful of the detergent with a basin of warm water and test the solution with an inconspicuous section. If the solution works, use it for your entire kitchen. For stubborn stains that resist the detergent, dissolve baking powder in water and use a cloth to scrub it on the problem area,

The Bedrooms
Strip the beds immediately you wake up in the morning. After taking your breakfast put the sheets in the dryer and start the house cleaning process. Straighten up the nightstands and dresses and if you have a ceiling fan, remove dust from it using a feather duster. Next, using a vacuum cleaner, clean the walls and remove any dust bunnies developing on the walls and clean the mirrors before pledging the dressers as well as bed headboards. Finally, vacuum the floor then remove sheets from the dryer and make your bed.

House Cleaning Tips

1. Have a Cleaning Method
This tip alone can help you cut your cleaning time by half; clean each room at a time, ensuring that you start and finish at the same point in each to avoid wasting time moving back and forth. Maintaining consistency will greatly help cut the time down because as you do repeat the procedure every time, you establish a routine. The routine forms the basis of your method thus giving you an inherently better house cleaning way. Speed will then emanate from your method and not from hurrying which implies efficient housecleaning.

2. Adopt Top-to-bottom, Left-to-right attack plan
Start with the highest points such as shelves, table tops and cupboards in your room and move across the room from left to right. This approach ensures you do not miss anything and ensures you don’t unintentionally knock dust onto cleaned lower shelves. After cleaning uppermost areas, clean the top of furniture, all handrails and undersides of shelves, picture frames, and knickknacks. Experts recommend paying particular attention to the top of furniture since that’s where the most dust gather before falling off. Dampen sufficiently with warm water the microfiber you are using so as to get rid of fingerprints.

3. Pick up Any Solids
You can only carry out the cleaning task proficiently if each level surface in your home is free of paper, dirty dishes, toys, and other clutter. So, pick such litter and dispose of to pave the way for efficient house cleaning. Avoid the temptation to sweep them to one side of your room, in the hope of finding ample time to discard them off later properly. Also, eliminate any distraction caused by out-of-place items so as to make the cleaning chores a quick and effortless task. While picking the clutter, take the time to second-guess your possessions. The fewer they are, the fewer the items you have to pick up and dust. Put books, magazines, DVD’s, toys and other items you’ve outgrown in a closet.

4. Use the right tools
Invest in sturdy, high-quality cleaning tools; replace rickety and outdated Mop with the latest, innovative swabs and invest in efficient cleaning products for simple and practical cleaning. Make sure you have at arm’s length all the necessary cleaning tools and products, so you won’t waste time moving back and forth to pick them from the cabinet positioned under the sink. Also, wear the right gear such as an apron and put the cleaners in small spray bottles which are substantially easy to carry. Try as much as possible to take everything you’ll need with you so as to stay organized thereby saving considerable time.

5. Sponge Windows for a Sparkling clean finish
Put few drops of dish soap in a basin of water; wipe it liberally on the window using a cloth before squeegeeing it off. Move from top to bottom, cleaning the blade every time at the bottom, and you’ll get a streak-free clean window. If a squeegee is not available, use a microfiber rug and a glass cleaner. As you wipe with the cloth, use horizontal strokes, moving from the top downwards. Do not rub the window in circles because if you do so it will leave streaks; you shouldn’t also wipe glass panes with a paper towel since it leaves a residue.


House cleaning can be an easy task provided you follow the follow expertly recommended the procedure and use the right cleaning techniques for various areas of your home. So, always use the above, house cleaning strategies and tips whenever you are cleaning your house, and you’ll save considerably not only time but also energy. Picking the clutter before starting ensures you do not get distracted while cleaning. Also, make sure you have all the necessary tools, cleaning detergents and carry enough requirements to ensure you do not waste time moving back and forth as you pick them.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Hiring A Part Time Maid - A Solution For Busy People

Singapore is one of the most dynamic countries in the world. Characteristic that can be especially seen in those individuals who work and live in urban areas. Most people not only have full time jobs, but also work extra hours in order to seize every opportunity. Unfortunately, this creates the rather difficult challenge of balancing the professional aspect of life, with the personal one. Luckily, there are solutions.

One of them is hiring a domestic worker. Unfortunately, these individuals are usually stranger to the family or household that they work for and offer little guarantees in terms of security.

Nowadays, the preferred choice of most people is to hire a part time maid. Compared to a basic domestic worker, these individuals are affiliates of various cleaning companies that usually accept full responsibility in case anything goes wrong.

Advantages of hiring a part-time house cleaner

Hiring an individual to take care of a household, through one of these companies has several advantages:

· Financially – Most people think that the cost of hiring someone through a cleaning company is much higher than hiring a maid personally due to the fact that the organization that they work for sets the prices. In reality, it is quite the opposite. The cost of hiring a maid on a part-time basis is perfectly balanced for the amount of hours worked.

· Security – An important advantage of hiring a house maid through a cleaning service is the fact that the client will never have to worry about risks of letting a stranger into his house while he is away. The cleaning companies typically accept responsibility for all of the house cleaner’s actions.

· Professionalism – When hiring an individual through a cleaning company, the client has the guarantee that he will receive a quality service. The cleaning service providers understand that reputation is extremely important for a business and only hire professionals.

· Spend time doing what is important – hiring a house cleaner to work part-time gives you the option to focus on the things that are more urgent, while knowing that someone else will handle all the domestic chores while you are away.

· Peace of mind – Probably one of the best things when paying someone to clean your house is the certainty that you will never have to go home to a messy home. Hiring a cleaning service guarantees the fact that the house will always be presentable and ready for guests.

Disadvantages of hiring a part-time maid:

This having been said, there are also a few disadvantages of hiring cleaning maids. These are not in any way deal breaking, but they can create difficulties if not handled with care.

· The need for training – When hiring a house cleaner, remember that although whoever comes to your house has sufficient training and experience in this line of work, every house is different. It is important to tell the maid of your various preferences regarding how the house should be cleaned and how it should look.

· Expectations – Remember the fact that while a cleaning service only employs professionals, this does not mean that will do a better job than you could. Most maids will clean to the best of their abilities, in the allotted time, and then go home.

· Change is not always good – Conflicts can arise in any kind of situation and the way most companies deal the moment when the homeowner and the maid don’t see eye to eye is to send a replacement. A new house cleaner means that all the conversations regarding the different preferences linked to how the house should look will have to be repeated.

· It will still cost a pretty penny – Hiring someone part-time will always cost less than paying for a full-time service, but it will always cost. You will essentially be paying someone to do the things that you could do for free but don’t have the time.

What to remember when hiring a house maid

When you first call a cleaning agency and request the services of a part-time house cleaner, ask if they will provide the cleaning agent or if it will come from one of their clients. There are companies that act more as an organizational hub for various cleaning services while not actually providing a service themselves. This is neither a good nor bad. Nevertheless, it is always useful to know where the employee comes from.

Another aspect that some people tend to misunderstand is the fact that they can actually trust the cleaning agent. Theft or property damage is extremely rare and most maids always handle everything with care and respect.

It is a good idea to be home for the first few times when the house cleaner comes by, in order to help him or her better orientate around the house and to understand what exactly must be done in every room. However, after a while you can simply leave everything in the hands of the maid and go about your business.

Responsibility is important but not necessarily law. Be sure to ask about the cleaning company’s service in case of theft and property damage. Some companies will accept liability of the entire situation, most of them will openly disclose the fact that they will leave the entire situation in the hands of the authorities. Always ask before anything has the change to go wrong.

Be patient with the cleaning agent. As a rule of thumb, everyone needs some time in order to adjust to a new workplace. This situation is no different. Be patient and calmly correct the house maid when you don’t like something. Try to get along for at least four cleaning sessions before requesting that the company send someone else.

Ask for information regarding the agency fee. Companies typically charge a fee that covers their administration costs, screening and anything else that may come up at their end. Also ask if the company offers any kind of guarantee period for the services that it offers. Companies will usually charge their clients for every replacement that they send, but there are some that offer “guarantee periods”. This means that an agency will provide free replacements for a set period.

Dare to relax and enjoy life
Hiring cleaning maids is the best solution that a hard-working working individual can find, when it comes to being able to enjoy life despite a busy schedule. There may be disadvantages, but most people have discovered that the advantage weigh more. A house cleaner should never be considered an intruder or a necessary evil, but an employee who can be trusted with personal possessions.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Top 9 Benefits of Hiring a Professional House Cleaner

Keeping a clean home in Singapore is definitely a daunting task to many. The tight schedules can make it impossible to clean and organize your house. The time and the equipment required are also a hindrance to keeping the home clean. This is the reason demand for professional house cleaning services has been on the rise in Singapore. Though it will cost you a few dollars to hire a cleaning service provider, the benefits are incredible and overwhelming. Here are some of the top 9 benefits of hiring a professional to clean your house:

• Professionalism
You want your home to look great? Then you need to let the professionals do the cleaning work. Most of the homeowners opt for house helps or workers do the cleaning but there is a difference in the quality of work done. Just cleaning the house is not enough but having a professional do the work, the difference is clear like black and white. They will give you’re a fine touch that a normal cleaner cannot. These are people who have the skills to hand any cleaning task. They have the necessary equipment and expertise to ensure that your house is left shining clean.

• Customized cleaning
All homes are not the same. Each home is unique, and the approach to the cleaning work is equally unique. If you feel that you need your house to be cleaned in certain, then hiring a professional cleaner would be the best decision to make. They are highly flexible in their work and are ready to make adjustment as per the client’s needs. They will come to your house and determine what you need and customize the cleaning to suit your needs. As professionals, they will make sure that the cleaning has been executed your way to ensure that you are fully satisfied.

• Quality of equipment
We no longer have the manual cleaning. Today cleaning is mechanized to improve service delivery. For efficiency and quality of service, many professional cleaners are employing technology. Such improvements come in terms of cleaning equipment. They have state of the art equipment for a thorough cleaning exercise. The equality of equipment is incredible. In fact, they have the best and the latest equipment in the market. Having such cleaning equipment at home is hard. Hiring professionals ensure that you have enjoyed the services of state of the art equipment.

• You get time to do other things
Cleaning a home can be a daunting task. How large is your house? How long would it take you to clean it thoroughly? The bottom line is that time will be consumed, and sometimes it is not worth it. You can use this time to do something more important by doing profitable things with it. You don’t have skip work or classes to clean your house. Professional home cleaners do nothing else apart from cleaning. Hiring them will be a great way of ensuring you are getting value for your time ad also value for money spent.

• Contract bonds you
One thing that makes hiring professional house cleaners is being contract bound. Once you approach a home cleaning company, you will be required to enter into an agreement with them. The agreement entails the terms of the service delivery. Being bound by a contract ensures that service is delivered as stipulated. You also bargain the terms of the contract and make sure that you are getting the best part of the deal. You do not have to worry how and when the service is delivered since it is all clear in the contract. You can also use the contract as evidence in the court of law if things go bad.

• Solution to your cleaning inability
To be honest, not many people can clean their house as it should. In some cases, it impossible to tell whether the house has been cleaned or not –there is absolutely no notable change. Someone will say that they were cleaning their house, but you can still get some bad smells all over. This inability to clean your house thoroughly will be a thing of past if you hire professionals. These are guys who will move from one corner of the room to the last one. They have what it takes to give your home a new look and serenity that you need.

• Maintain your home clean
Waiting till when the house becomes dirty for it to do the cleaned is a big mistake. This is common to people who prefer to do the cleaning themselves. The wait will make your house develop some odors and other forms of dirt that will be tough to deal with. Hiring a professional house cleaning service provider is the best way to deal with such problem. By signed a contract, it will be the responsibility of the company to ensure that your house is kept clean always. It is the best to maintain your house clean always.

• Cleaning Experience
If your house is to be left shining clean, then the experience is a factor to be considered when hiring a cleaner. Do not be tempted in hiring anyone asking to clean your house just because they are asking for small money. Go for the experience. Any established house service provider must have been in the industry for some time. Someone who has been operating for years must have the necessary experience to handle any cleaning task. Professional cleaning services ensure that value for money is achieved.

• Security for your house
What if you are not around but still need the house to be cleaned? How sure are you that the cleaner who have been left behind will not steal from you? There have been many cases in Singapore of cleaners stealing from clients. Jewelry, money, and electronics are the main targets for such petty thieves. Hiring professional service provider is one of the dealings with such problems. Most of these companies are insured. Their workers are vetted, and it will be easy to find them if anything happens. In short, your home is secure and free from such happens.

Professional house cleaning services come with a lot of benefits. It is the ideal solution for your inability to keep your home clean. It is the best way of keeping your house clean always. In fact, it is the best option especially when it comes to deeper cleaning. Though it will cost some dollars, the quality of the service provided will be worth the money spent.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

All About Cleaning Services

Houses require regular sterilization and antisepsis so as to keep it in a robust manner and to overcome the exposure towards dirt particles. To add on to the complication, people these days are engrossed in their office chores or some other sort of work and often find it difficult to deal with the dilemma of house cleaning. Ultimately, people have to stay in old houses and find it an enormous task to overcome this complication.

Some may clean their house once in a fortnight or maybe only on earmarked occasions or festivals and thereby live under disarrayed and slapdashed environment. Employing a permanent house-helper is very extravagant these days, and most of us find totally out of the budget or the pocket to do so. The raunchy ambiance takes away the person's or the family's peace of mind and increased irritation is quite visible. Thus, this causes an increase in the tension among the members of the family who eventually have to acquaint with humongous mental pressure and misfortune.

The patrons feel canonized with the house cleaning services. The workers make use of only those special items that are the latest till date and are very contemporary to the market. With A-1 technologies, they provide the high-class services that put their clients in a jovial mood. Not only the house's opulence and sumptuousness takes arise, but an exuberant environment is also created. The workers strictly follow to the time provided to them and are conscious of their elite quality of their service. In neither way do they disparage their patron's heart and put in their charitable efforts to make their patrons genuinely happy.

The workers employed to do so finish the almost 'unending' task with ease. They understand the requisites of their customers and plan out their work by their comfortability. For them each of their clients is peculiar and fulfilling their requirement is their priority and duty. They put their patrons on the highest level of the order and do not differentiate them. The servicing is indeed top class and the house is left in a razzle-dazzle condition giving it a captivating and impeccable look.

Cleaning Services - What Are Your Possibilities?
If interested to read more about the different kinds of cleaning services available, then this post has the data you are searching for. In particular, this post will address three of the most popular kinds of services that a client may require. These services are house cleaning, carpet cleaning, and spring cleaning - so with this in mind, let's examine these services in greater depth.

Carpet cleaning
Another popular service is rug cleaning, and as the name indicates, carpet cleaners focus on making your carpets like new when it comes to freshness and cleanliness. In most cases, a cleaner will use a variety of expert machines which go a long way towards cleaning the carpet to a better quality than you could achieve on your own. This service will usually involve the use of a steam cleaning machine, which helps to loosen up the debris locked deep inside the carpet, and the results will usually be wonderful, leaving the carpet looking new once more.

It is worth noting that using an expert carpet cleaning service is usually regarded as an expert area, and therefore, they're unlikely to clean the rest of a home in any capacity.

Spring cleaning
If you're looking to get a complete clean of your home, then using a spring cleaning service is often the best resolution. Typically, a spring cleaning service covers most of the same tasks provided by a home service, but with the addition of washing surfaces - like doors and walls, window frames, skirting boards, and more. What's more, all of your kitchen cupboards will be emptied of their items and fully cleaned inside.

It's often smart to book a spring cleaning service at least once a year because this goes a long way towards ensuring a property is as clean as it could be. Nevertheless, this service may often be more expensive due to the attention to detail and the extra time needed.

In general, it is easy to see that using a professional cleaning service makes a customer's life much easier, and there is no question the excitement that comes from living in a thoroughly cleaned house. By taking advantage of these three cleaning services at various times throughout the year, it's possible to enjoy living in a clean and pleasant atmosphere without having to lift a finger.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

8 Tips How to Clean Children Toys

Toys are your little one’s best friends for the better part of the day. If you happen to be your children’s best friend, you probably aren’t at home for the better hours of the day thus leaving them to be with these images that mimics real objects. These objects are taken everywhere during the day. The stuffed animals will certainly be taken for sleepovers at grand mom’s place. They are also taken to soccer games in those dusty fields or in the rain. They are also not left behind when attending those frequent estate parties or even the neighborhood pancake breakfasts. Whether they are toy types that will catch dirt or not, because they are rubbed and sucked on all over, they become very germy hence the need to regularly clean them.

Lucky enough, there are some ways that can be used to clean these toys thus getting them look as clean as new or even as good as new. Even with their faded color, thus a hindrance to making the toys regain their new look, you should still clean the toys to keep them off germs thus reducing the risks of your children contracting a disease. Below are some golden tips to use.

1. Rub-a-dub: Bath Toys
If you didn’t know, your children’s bath time toys can be the perfect bacteria and mold breeding ground. E. Coli is specifically a bacteria that is commonly bred in these toys. To ensure that your children get a clean bath below is a toxic free method to employ in cleaning their toys.

· Start by tossing the toys in your dishwashing machine to give it a quick, hands-free dirt removal.

· A vinegar solution diluted in hot water will be effective enough in dirt removal.

· You can also decide to seal up the holes with hot glue to prevent water from getting inside.

· Ensure you air dry each of the toys after use thus preventing the growth of mold and bacteria. If any water logging occurs with slimy grime within the toys, it is an indication that you need to get your little ones a new set of bath toys.

2. Cleaning the Stuffed Teddy Bears
Cleaning these animal dolls does more than just keeping them appealing to look at but also keeping them from molds, bacteria, and allergens. The good news is that these types of dolls can easily be washed in the washing machines. Together with your other fabric, put the bears in a washing machine and clean them up to ensure that they become germs free.

3. Cleaning the Wet & Wild Looking Hairstyle Dolls
Just like in human beings, the appearance of the dolls can be determined by the how kempt the hair is. If that doll has a mane that looks horrible as an aftermath of being dumped in water or due to wear, rinsing in hot water will do a great job in taming the tangles of the doll’s hair. Another solution is to spray the hair using the magical hairspray for taming the frizz of doll’s hair. All you need to make the solution is 2 tablespoons of liquid fabric softener and water. Mix in a spray bottle, shake well, spray on the hair and comb it with a wire brush.

4. Cleaning the Push Toys
Start by checking the label to find out if there are some manufacturer specifications on how to clean these toys. For instance, there are some toys that aren’t machine washable with others requiring some specific cleaner types.

For the toys that don’t come with a label, wash them in machines. This is because most of the push-toys are machine washable and for the manufacturer not to caution you against machine washing, it means it is compatible with these machines. For the very dirty or soiled toys, a little baking soda is sprinkled on them before putting in the machine.

5. Spot Cleaning of Wool Toys
Wool toys are not machine washable thus it is important we know how to clean them. Spot cleaning of the stains in an alternative of keeping them clean. With the use of a cloth dumped in mild soap, dab out the stain and leave the toy to dry out. If they are extremely dirty, consider hand washing in a bathtub or basin with the use of wool soap. Dry them under the sun rather than in the drying machine.

6. Washing Plastic Toys

Cleaning Using a DishwasherFill the dishwasher to the brim with your children’s toys just before you retire to bed. Stuff all the toys including the ones they haven’t been playing with in the recent past. A simple criterion you can use to choose what to put in the dishwasher and what not to put is:

· The toys should have neither fabric nor any soft parts
· There shouldn’t be any wooden toys or toys with wooden parts
· Don’t put a battery-operated toy in a dishwasher
· Don’t put toys whose functionality would be ruined by water for example toys having push buttons, or balls, designed to be lighting up.
· The toys shouldn’t have removable parts or loose parts.

Step-by-Step Procedure

i. Randomly place small things in your dishwasher’s silverware holder.

ii. Fill the top with smaller pieces and the bottom with your children’s bigger toys.

iii. By ensuring that the heated dry is off, add natural dishwasher detergent and give it a gentle cycle. You don’t really want to see the toys having melted upon removal.

That’s it. In the morning, you will have a batch of spiffy clean and germs free toys. There will be reduced cold germs in your house thus a cut on the medical bills.

7. Cleaning the Plastic Toys: Using a Sanitizing Solution
Disinfection of toys is not just prudent but mandatory for any parent who is health conscious about their children. Disinfection is one of the surest ways of keeping your little ones safe from diseases that are transferred by toys. There are numerous sanitizing solutions in the stores and whichever you go for is a decision for you to make.

You can also use a DIY sanitizing solution made by diluting a tablespoon of a bleaching agent in half a liter of water. Diluting it makes the bleach nontoxic to children.

8. Washing the Toys by Hand
Probably, you don’t have a dishwasher or the toys happen to be bigger than the dishwasher can accommodate or even the toys aren’t compatible with dish washing. If that’s the case, using warm soapy water, in conjunction with the disinfection/sanitizing solution, rub the toys using a wash brush/cloth.

Be sure to remove batteries before washing. The use of vinegar together with baking soda added to the water makes would be advisable in the event that the toys are grimy and/or greasy.

In Review

With enough knowledge and information, cleaning toys becomes easy. However, if you lack such important tips, you may end up faltering thus destroying the toys or even rendering your washing machines useless. However, with all these tips, always be sure to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines on how to clean the toys.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

How to clean HDB window grilles?

Many HDB owners prefer to have aluminium or iron window grilles in their home. They prefer to have it for security purpose and there is nothing wrong in that either. These window grills can offer security as well as it can enhance the look of your HDB as well. But if you don’t do the cleaning of your windows grilles on regular manner, then you may not get any good results with it and it may rupture the looks of your home as well. 

But cleaning window grills in your HDB may not be as easy for you as it appears and you may need to follow some special tricks for that. In case you are wondering how to clean HDB window grilles and I am sharing few simple steps below with you for it.

Spray it with water: Spraying the windows grilles with clean water is the first step that you will need to do for cleaning of your HDB window grilles. You can spray it with as much clean water as much possible. This is very important step and it will help you in the entire cleaning process. Water is a great solvent and it can solve most of the things easily and it will dissolve you will be able to remove most of the dust and dirt easily form your window. Here, you need to make sure that you use only clean and fresh water. If you will use dirty water then it will be not easy for you to do the cleaning and you might not get proper cleaning as well for your HDB windows grilles.

 Also, if you will use clean water then you will have to worry less about its negative effect on it widow grilles or its material. So make sure you keep this thing in your mind while cleaning your HDB grills. After that you can also do the brushing of grilles with a soft brush or cotton cloth. You need to do that very carefully else you might hurt your hand with it.

Use special cleaner: In some cases, water may not do the work and you may need to do proper cleaning with other method. If you are not able to clean it with water then using some special cleaners would be a good idea. With a good quality cleaner you can simply go ahead and you can use that on your window grilles. Thankfully you would never have to worry about the cleaning supplies and you can always go to a cleaning store and you can ask for the cleaning supplies.

If you will share your requirement with them, then chances are high they would give you the required stuff without any issue. Here, you need to mention that you want the same for HDB window grilles cleaning and they will give you the right stuff. While using it, make sure you read the instructions carefully and you follow the guidelines given there. 
Brush window grills regularly: For better cleaning of your HDB window grilles, it is also very important that you do brushing of grills on regular manner. If you will keep brushing it on regular interval, then you will have fewer reasons to worry about the dust deposition. Also, if you will have fewer dust deposition, then you would be able to get much better cleaning results as well. In market you can easily find some specific brushes that are designed only for cleaning of window grilles.

If you can get on, then I would recommend you buy it. It will not only reduce your efforts, but it will also increase the efficiency of cleaning for you. Other than this, it will do many other things as well for you in a very easy manner. So, don’t mind getting a brush that is designed only for the cleaning of window grilles for your HDB home.

Wipe with smooth cloth: Whether you use special cleaner or you use water as solvent for the dust and dirt, I would never recommend you to use a harsh cloth for same. If you would use harsh cloth then you may leave some marks on the window grilles and it can affect the look of your HDB. Indeed, those marks will not look from a distance but you will also not like to have those marks on it. So, it is advised that you follow this rule and you get the results accordingly. While cleaning your window grilles, it is always advised that you use a soft cotton cloth for that.

 Also, this cloth should be fresh and clean. Some people prefer to use a dirty old cloth for cleaning purpose. They assume if they are cleaning a dirty place, then use of dirty cloth would be fine. If you have this tendency, then change this opinion and clean it properly. I am sure, if you would use a proper cleaning solution with cotton cloth then you will be able to have better results with ease.

Avoid harsh chemicals: In case you get some dirty stain that is not easy to remove or you are not able to get it removed using special cleaner, then you might get tempted to use harsh chemicals on it. For your windows grilles in your HDB home, I would never recommend you do that. First of all, if you would use harsh chemical, then it might hurt other people by going out from the window. It can cause allergy or other issues to them and you will have to take responsibility for that. Other than this, harsh chemicals can also damage or leave some impression on the window grilles.

So, it is advised that you do not use it in any condition. Instead of using harsh chemicals, you can use safe chemicals and you can try to clean it in several steps. If you will do the cleaning in several steps, then you may get much better result without any issue and you would have no other complication as well in this cleaning work.