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Sunday, 17 July 2016

Commercial Spring Cleaning VS Residential Spring Cleaning

When it comes to maintaining the cleanliness of your property, you must be very particular in the choices you make especially if you are to hire professional cleaning companies. When it comes to hiring these professional cleaning companies, you have to look for the right company that will offer you with the best cleaning services. It is advisable to go for the company that will satisfy your needs in the best way possible. This will be however, determined on whether they will be coming to clean your residential home or your commercial office. Below is a comparison of these two types of cleaning services and the companies that you ought to hire for each one of them. 

Commercial Spring Cleaning

This type of spring cleaning involves the cleaning of a large area where business are normally based like offices. In order to get the best office cleaning services, you should always hire the most reputed and also certified office cleaning company. It would also be a better idea to hire their cleaning services early in order to pay better prices as they tend to go higher as the spring season comes to a close. It is also important to ensure that the company you hire to clean your offices is highly experienced in this line of work. It should also be using the best and latest equipment to do their work. This way it will be capable of washing your surfaces, dusted and the floors well vacuumed and mopped. This will ensure that every corner of your office is properly cleaned.

What is involved in Office Cleaning?

There are various cleaning types that are available for commercial offices depending on the different needs people have in their own offices. Below are some of the common offices cleaning packages available?

Customized Cleaning

When you need a customized spring cleaning to be carried out in your office, you should look for a well reputed company that offers this type of cleaning services. They should be able to offer a thorough, reliable and consistent service that will include a number of tasks. This would include emptying the office cabinets of all their contents and cleaning the insides of the cabinets. Your meeting rooms will also be cleaned thoroughly inside to make them clean as they are often washed in a hurry. The painted and often touched areas like window frames, doors and walls should also be well cleaned. The skirting boards present in the office should also be thoroughly cleaned.

Deep Cleaning

This type of cleaning is often handled by skilled professionals who are highly experienced in this type of cleaning. It involves the thorough cleaning of all the surfaces in your office including the deepest corners that are hardly cleaned in the normal clean up exercises. Deep cleaning leaves no stone unturned inside your office as everything and every part is subjected to thorough cleaning. This will leave the entire office space looking sparkling clean and smelling fresh.

Arranging the Office and getting rid of Unwanted Items

Many times due to the busy schedule most working people in Singapore lead, it is possible that they do not get adequate time to even arrange their files well. It is also possible that there will be a lot of other items in the office that are not in use anymore but they lie around the office. As you search for the best office cleaning company, it is always advisable to find out whether they offer services in file arranging and de-cluttering the office. The cleaners will help in arranging your files and filing cabinets in the way that you need them to thereby making your office look presentable. They will also help you in removing all the unnecessary items from the office.

Residential Spring Cleaning

A clean residential home is usually the best way to show case how an individual maintains themselves and also how they enhance their personality. Before you go out to look for the best company to offer home cleaning services in Singapore, you should have a checklist. You should aim at getting your house sparkling clean from the professional home cleaning company you hire. You ought to consider their prices before you hire their services in order to get the most competitive rates. Other factors that you should consider include their experience, equipment, cleaning methods, availability and referrals you get among others.

What will be cleaned during the Home Cleaning exercise?

The professional cleaners will help you deal with the clutter inside your house properly. They will help arrange your house in a more organized way as it helps you to manage clutter rather easily. After this aspect is sorted, the rest of the house cleaning becomes much easier. Dusting ought to be the next item on the list to ensure that all parts of the house are properly dusted as they catch dust fast during the long winter. Your curtains should also be cleaned either by the cleaners or you could opt to take them to the dry cleaners.

Walls, Blinds and Grilles

You should ensure that your windows, blinds and the grills are properly wiped and also cleaned well. After that you should consider the walls being cleaned especially in the case where you have children who could have written on them or even poured paints on them. You should make sure that the professional cleaners get rid of all the stains and paints on the walls that make it look dirty. Ensure that all the walls and corners of the house including the bedroom are cleaned and cobwebs that could be there removed.


In Singapore, houses gave different types of flooring surfaces that have their own unique way of cleaning. The method to be used should be the one that is recommended by the manufacturers. Ensure that the cleaners use the proper cleaning tools and detergents to clean the floor spotlessly. If the flooring involves carpets, ensure that they first of all get rid of the stains and then clean and vacuum them properly.


Toilets and washrooms are also supposed to be cleaned well during the spring cleaning exercise. Ensure that the right chemicals are used and they ought to be poured inside it and left to sit there for a while before the stubborn stains are then scrubbed off. The tiles in the washrooms and toilets should also be cleaned thoroughly.


This is usually the most important part of the house and the most crucial one and that means it demands extra special attention. Every part of the kitchen ought to be properly cleaned from the walls, to the counters and the sinks. This will make it look clean and also hygienic so as to protect the health of the people in the house.


All the above are the different aspects that are involved in the commercial spring cleaning and the residential spring cleaning processes. All in all you ought to ensure that a highly reputed and experienced cleaning company is hired to do the job. This will offer you the best results in the end.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Office Carpet Cleaning - What You Need To Know

Quality is a factor that you need to consider while undertaking office carpet cleaning. You may decide to do it yourself but you cannot do it better than the professional carpet cleaners. A professional carpet cleaner will always have a unique touch that will keep your office looking good and stunning. These are the benefits of hiring a professional carpet cleaner rather than renting the equipment to do it yourself.

• Quality of equipment
Professional carpet cleaners invest heavily in the equipment. They know very well that quality of their work will greatly be determined by the quality of their equipment and this is why they will always have the best equipment there is on the market. They usually have some of the best and most improved cleaning equipment that guarantees top notch quality. As an office owner, you may never know that that each carpet cleaning requires a different type of cleaning equipment depending on the material or fabric that makes it. These professional will use only the suitable cleaning equipment for your carpet.

• Cleaning solutions and skills
Some of the cleanings that we do in the office lack the standard skills that can deliver quality. For instance, most of the office holders do not have any training on how to use some of the cleaning equipment like the vacuum cleaner. The result will be substandard work that does give the carpet a wow factor. But with professional carpet cleaners, you can expect nothing but the best. The workers are highly trained and experience to handle any cleaning work professionally and to deliver the highest degree of quality. They will work on your carpet and leave it looking as if it was new.

• Improved air quality
Carpets stink especially if they are not cleaned regularly. At the same time, they can also stick if they are not well cleaned. This is what brings about odors and smells in the office that makes it almost inhabitable. It becomes even embarrassing to welcome guest in your office while in such a condition. But with professional carpet cleaners, you can get rid of such nasty smells coming from dirty carpets. They know the right detergents to be used in such cases where the carpet is stinking to improve the quality of air circulating the room.

• Extended carpet life
Most of the carpet cleaning done by office workers is unprofessional and in the process of cleaning; they end up damaging the carpet. It is important to note that each carpet is different and requires a different approach depending on the fabric used in making it. The unprofessional cleaner may never know this difference but professional carpet cleaners will. As professionals, they are trained to handle different carpets. They know how to handle every fabric and the best way of cleaning without damaging it. This will in long run help in improving the carpets lifespan and thus your investment will be safe.

• Increased aesthetic
Carpet cleaning is all about changing the appearance of the room and making it look better ad appealing to anyone who comes in. Nothing can be worse that working into a dirty office with unkempt carpet. It really looks horrible and for an office, it can cost you as the owner a lot of business deals. But with professional carpet cleaning, this is one thing that will be eliminated entirely. With their professional services, they will ensure that they have improved the aesthetics of your office. They will make it look attractive, appealing and also comfortable to work in.

• Avoid molds and mildew
Mold and mildew are common in carpets and they can destroy it within no time if they are not handled professionally. They come as a result of poor cleaning where he carpet is not dried properly and the moisture ends up causing mold and mildew. With professional carpet cleaners, these are some of the sensitive areas that they emphasize on. They will remove any mold or mildew on the carpet and ensure that the carpet is well cleaned and thoroughly dried to ensure that such invaders are not given room again. Use if industrial-strength suction power is a common method of dealing with molds and mildews successfully.

• Improved health condition
Although carpets are known for their aesthetic value in an office, they can also be a health risk if they are not well kept. Carpet fibers are fertile grounds for the growth of fungus and bacteria that can cause severe infections. There are also allergens that can cause or trigger allergic reactions such as asthma. All these come as a result of poor cleaning ad unkempt carpets. Professional carpet cleaners will ensure that none of these happens. They have the skills and equipment to all of the factors that could bring about health problems. They will ensure that your office is safe and free of health hazards.

• Saves time
Capet cleaning requires a lot of time that can be used in other productive activities. You will be required to move the furniture, apply the pre-treatment solution to your carpet, and vacuum all of the carpets and other activities that will definitely waste most of your precious time. It will be better if you can opt to hire some to do all this for you. The best you can do is hiring a professional carpet cleaning who will do a thorough job.

• Improved comfort
There is no good feeling like working or relaxing in an office that is well cleaned without any odor or foul smell. It provides you with a comfort that is unique and exceptional. This is what you get by hiring professional carpet cleaners to work on your office carpets. Most of the smells in the office come as a result of dirt and bacteria on the carpet. These professional will leave your carpet smelling as if it was new thus giving your office the needed comfort.

• Guarantee
Any professional and reputable carpet cleaner will offer a 100% guarantee for his work. Most of the companies will give a period of two weeks to one month guarantee that includes free follow cleaning if something comes up. With such carpet cleaners, you are assured of value for your money on both the services and also the carpet.
These are the main benefits of hiring a professional for your office carpet cleaning. In short, you will never get disappointed for hiring a professional to handle your office cleanliness.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Where Can I Find Ad Hoc Cleaning Services?

Singapore is a unique country with a unique population. Flying into Singapore’s Changi Airport and seeing Singapore from the air and you’ll be struck by how many high-rise apartment blocks have sprung up since the last time you saw looked, with new construction projects rising up all the time.

The Singapore lifestyle is one that revolves around the fact that almost a quarter of the population consists of foreigners. And, a large percentage of the total population consists of millionaires. This means that Singapore is a big business country and people transfer in and out of it constantly.

With so many business people coming into the country for a limited time, it’s inevitable that the question of where to find ad hoc cleaning services would be raised by recent arrivals, as well as residents who are simply too busy maintaining their hectic schedules and find that they need help maintaining their homes and businesses on an ad hoc basis. The answer is that ad hoc cleaning services can be found easily online, and they are located all over the island to serve Singapore from Changi to Jurong.

For single recent arrivals and young single business professionals alike, home is often one of the scores of recently constructed high-rises along Singapore’s east and west coasts. These prime high-rises offer convenient access into the central business district. These apartments offer lush gardens, swimming pools and health and fitness centers. But, what they don’t offer is ad hoc cleaning services.

The lifestyles that these large numbers of business people are leading, means that they are often living in smaller apartments. They come home tired at the end of a busy day and they often lack the strength or drive to do much more than pick up a take-out dinner from Cold Storage or a hawker stall and zone out in front of the TV.

They don’t have the room, ora need for the services of a live-in maid.But, these busy people are tired at the end of a long dayand they still have apartments that need to be maintained, shopping that needs to be done, and laundry that needs to be dry-cleaned and laundered.

Ad hoc cleaning services are the answers to the prayers of busy business professionals. They’ll work to your schedule and assist you in taking care of your needs to allow you do the things that you need to do.

They’ll take care of all of your cleaning services from washing your windows to mopping and cleaning your floors. They will deliver and pick up your dry cleaning from the cleaners, and wash your laundry. They’ll make your bathrooms sparkle, and clean up the dishes in your kitchen sink that you were too tired to deal with last night.

In short, they will be your temporary maid, and make your life so much easier, that you’ll wonder how you managed without them.

Singapore has a long tradition of maid services going back to the birth of the country. Women from all over the ASEAN region and central Asia seek out maid positions in Singapore. But, hiring a maid entails entering into a long-term contract that contains government-enforced rules and regulations. And, at times, the person seeking some sort of cleaning services won’t know how long they will be staying in Singapore.

This is where the ad hoc cleaning service fills a niche in the country’s cleaning and maid service needs.Most people know that they need their homes cleaned every week and their shopping and laundry taken care of on a regular basis. But, if the person travels on a regular basis, a live-in maid service just doesn’t seem like a worth-while arrangement, as the business traveler will be paying for the maid’s services whether he is using them or not.

Using the services of an ad hoc cleaning service, on the other hand, means that the service can be employed when the customer has a need for it, and rescheduled when they don’t. The customer can choose a service that they are comfortable with and can get to know. And, the ad hoc cleaning service can get to know the customer, learn what their preferences are, and increase the value of their services making the customer even more grateful to have their services after a long trip out of town.

New mothers are also targeting ad hoc cleaning services. Some women that have always been the one to maintain their own homes soon find that they are a little bit overwhelmed when a new baby arrives on the scene.

Ad hoc cleaning services can step in to relieve the new mother of her cleaning, laundry and shopping duties, and provide all these services in order to give the new mother precious time to spend with the new arrival.

This situation can also be applied to someone who is single and has recently suffered an injury or illness that has disabled them and needs a bit of help to take of their domestic chores. An ad hoc cleaning service can step in to provide their services and allow the patient valuable time to recuperate.

The services that ad hoc cleaning services can offer cannot be just confined to cleaning. There are child-care and baby-sitting services that have become branches of successful ad hoc cleaning services on the island.

And, these ad hoc cleaning services are continuing to branch out and discover new areas in which to help the citizens of Singapore cope with their daily lives.

As Singapore continues to grow and expand in their business and housing sectors, a quality Ad hoc cleaning service will be assured of a bright future by continuing to offer prompt, personalized cleaning services that feature an eye for the details, and offer something extra that the customer doesn’t think that they need until they’re offered it.

New apartment buildings have to be built farther and farther from the CBD as the available land for construction decreases. This means that commute times for these weary workers will likely increase even with new lines of the MRT still being added to the system.

For these workers, an ad hoc cleaning service will be a lifesaver.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Step by Step Guide to Effective Office Cleaning

If you have an office one of the first things you always have to think about is giving some clean and fresh look so that you can have a comfortable stay. Effective cleaning will make you achieve anything you want provided that you have involved in the right professionals. It is not always a matter of hiring professionals to do the job as effective cleaning is highly dependent on your personal preparations as a person. To achieve fine results there is some step by step guideline that needs to be followed so that you don't have to experience any inconvenience. Having a good, clean working place is one of the things you should always be on the watch out for however the big question has always been; what kind of preparations should you embark on for highly effective cleaning for your office needs?

Be highly organized
This is the first preparation that you have to make as an office owner. Organization implies that you will always call in the professional cleaning only at the right time and also ensure that factors such as financing are all in check. Physical preparations area also needed on your part and this implies that you may be personally involved in making little arrangements to all your important files, documents and even the desks so that they aren't affected during the cleaning job. Provided that you have made the right kind of preparations the general cleaning will take only a short time and this implies that you will be able to embark on your normal day to day office operations without any big deal.

Divide and Conquer the Cleaning Task 
This tip is very important so that you can get to finish the job right on time especially if you are personally involved in doing the cleaning. Prior to embarking on the actual job you should divide your office into a series of sections and start cleaning the easier parts while slowly embarking on the sections which may give you some little complexities while cleaning. Divide and conquer technique enables you to give detailed attention to every section you are cleaning and high chances are that the resulting outcome of your job will be a magical one. While coming up with the sectioning try as much as possible to only group parts which do have almost similar functionality.

Remove all the Unwanted Stuff
Off late you may have noticed that you are working in a smaller office. Well this may be true however the reduction in office may be as a result of having some items which you really don’t need for your office work. Cleaning is the only way through which you can get to identify some of these items and make suitable arrangement which will see you easing your office spacing plan. There may be unwanted cabinets which are not being used in any way and some desk may be sitting in a position which is not in any way economical regarding space requirements. This is the time to remove any unwanted paperwork from your office so that you can get to have some sigh of relief concerning your office.

Do some Sorting
Grouping is by far the most important way through which you can greatly improve your office operations. While most people will actually associate office cleaning with removing some dirt from the wall and giving the carpet a brand new look, it actually goes beyond that. All your working files needs to be properly kept so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time looking for a specific document which you may be in urgent need of. Sorting helps to align your office in an orderly fashion and the benefit is that you will find any maintenance plan to be really easy and this is always one of the secrets to having a really good-looking and clean office.

Use items which will help keep some dirt away
While high chances are that most office owners will dedicate some time on regular basis to do the cleaning, this may not actually be effective in the long run. An office needs to be to b ever clean on daily basis and for this state to be achieved you have to put some installations like fans so that the air can get to be kept fresh and any incoming tiny solid dusts can be circulated to the outside. This kind of preparedness will help protect your important items like electronic gadgets which are easily affected by dirt particles like dirt.

Have some containers and drawers where you can put any item you no longer need
On daily basis there will always be some waste materials which will be from your work. These are what actually lead to your office getting dirty and denying you much of the aesthetic appeal you are always looking for. For that reason it is important that you set aside some good-looking bins just for the purpose of collecting any item considered a waste and which you are sure you won’t use for any purpose in the future. This is one sure way of getting order in your office premise and if you can manage to do this on daily basis then this implies that your office cleaning will always be a ride in the park.

Consider the time allocated for doing the cleaning task
You have adequate time to effectively clean your office and this kind of planning should be at the right time so that you don’t get to experience any kind of inconvenience during that day you may have decided to have your office cleaned. Since you know how the traffic flow is at your office you can actually use this as a means of gaging what day to do the cleaning so that any incoming visit can get to enjoy all the beauty that your office has to offer. Weekends can do but as long as the timing allows for effective cleaning to be done, then this is one of the planning preparation you should always consider.

Monday, 25 January 2016

What Are The Best Kept Secrets About Spring Cleaning?

When the sun is brightly shining in Singapore and your windows, baseboards and carpets are dusty, the site will greatly be unappealing. Despite the challenges that spring cleaning provides, you will be happy to realize that you can still tidy up your home and make it entertaining for summer. The process does not necessarily have to be overwhelming or stressful.

Smart homeowners, as well as the cleaning professionals everywhere, apply some of the best kept cleaning secrets that no doubt make the process of spring cleaning more manageable. Continue reading to find out more about some of the well kept secrets that smart homeowners and professionals use to get the best results with minimal effort.

It goes without saying that getting organized is one of the best strategies. So, to begin with, you may find it necessary to have a cleaning caddy. This will make it easier for you to carry different types of supplies from one room to another. For instance, if you wish to sponge the nasty streak of crayon present in your living room, it will not be necessary for you to stop working and go look for a sponge in a separate room if you have all the necessary cleaning tools in one place. The caddies are made available in different varieties and some of the most popular include rubber types, wire, and wicker varieties. If you want to ensure all bases are covered, you can set up one for tasks related to bathroom cleaning and another one for all other areas.

Sponges tend to store lots of bacteria if they are not properly cleaned after every use. Therefore, make sure you clean your sponges after all cleaning tasks. There is no need of using tons of antibacterial cleansers for the purposes of cleaning your sponges. Simply use your microwave. Just a few minutes in the microwave will kill bacteria present in sponges. To get even better results, make sure sponges you put in the microwave are all wet. Cleaning and disinfecting your sponges daily with the help of a microwave leaves them smelling fresh and sweet. As a result, they will be ready for use whenever you need to do some spring cleaning.

Prior to tackling a room, it is a good idea to begin working from the top and work your way downwards. This is an excellent strategy for a good reason. When you knock ceiling debris, drapes, and other fixtures, they will end up on the floor thereby allowing you to collect them last. The cleaning tips mentioned below will also be of great help as well:

- Buy several artist's paint brushes prior to commencing the cleaning tasks. They will come in handy when you need to dust the areas that are hard to reach such as textured vases, picture frames, and lampshade folds.

- A dusting mitt is also recommended for dusting blinds. However, if you do not have one, an old sock will work just fine.

- To clean your electronic equipment, windows, mirrors, and fans, use a microfiber cloth for best results.

- Also, use a vacuum cleaner for your cleaning procedures. Fit a soft brush on your vacuum and use the equipment to remove dust and all types of odor from your sofa, pillows, and chairs.

- While vacuuming, it is a good idea to strip all beds after which you can thoroughly vacuum them. Dust mites and dead skin cells have probably increased in number from your last spring cleaning exercise. Therefore, a thorough cleaning exercise will eliminate allergens.

- Prior to vacuuming your floors, consider running the soft brush attached over baseboards. However, if you notice that they are too grimy, it may be necessary to scrub them with a bit of soap and water.

- Shampoo the carpet stains that may be clearly visible on the high traffic sections and consider enlisting the services of a professional carpet cleaner to clean carpets in your home at least twice each year.

- To protect your carpets from accumulating too much dirt, place rugs near all the exterior doors.

- If you smoke indoors or keep pests, then use some baking soda to keep your carpeting smelling fresh. You can sprinkle a good amount of baking soda on your carpeting and leave it overnight.

Clear Bathroom Gunk
Even though bathrooms are generally small areas, cleaning them is a lot of work. Even so, you do not necessarily have to scrub your bathroom until you get your fingers sore and your back aching. Use the tips below to make the task easy:

- To prevent water spots from collecting on your shower doors and the shower enclosure, apply a layer of wax twice each year. These spots will rarely stain particularly because they have no grip. Wax is generally slippery, therefore, do not have it anywhere on the shower floor.

- Remove soap scum by using baby oil. If you really dislike the buildup of soap scum, consider using liquid soap instead of bar soap.
- For a fast cleanup exercise, use a vapor cleaner or a steam cleaner. These are available at affordable prices thus eliminating the need for scrubbing using caustic materials.


After many days of neglect, the kitchen can be a terrible sight. Therefore, do not wait till you are ready to do your spring cleaning just to clear up the mess.

- Vacuuming the refrigerator from time to time is highly recommended.
- Clean the garbage disposal with some vinegar and baking soda as this will remove the gunk and eliminate all forms of odor.
- Remove all items from the counter-tops and clean them with antibacterial soap every couple of days, even though, some people prefer to do this on a daily basis.

Spring cleaning does not necessarily have to be a tedious experience. With a bit of strategy and a few hours to spare, you will effectively keep your interior space clean and have even more time to focus on doing other things before the end of the day. So apply these well-kept secrets and be wowed by the results.

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Tips On How to Spring Clean Your Office

Are you moving to a new office? Do you need to give your office a facelift and cleaning is required? Has unused items accumulated in your office in the past few months? It is time you consider seeking spring cleaning. This cleaning program is tailored to give your office a fresh look that will befit the occasion on focus.

With Singapore being among the leading economic hubs, office cleaning is an exercise required on regular basis. Multinational and other up-coming companies are in constant need of new office spaces. To give a better impression to existing and potential clients, you also need to always ensure a clean office.

Why Choose Spring Cleaning Services

While cleaning maybe a daily procedure in every office, it is not al areas are covered. After duration of time, dirt and unwanted items will accumulate in the office rendering it inhabitable and unfit to conduct business. This creates the need to set time when extensive cleaning should be carried out.
Spring cleaning is conducted by professional companies. The companies have in place the expertise and workforce to ensure the job is done satisfactorily. Cleaning companies go an extra mile to ensure hard to reach areas within the office are identified and cleaned.

Range Of Services Available

Cleaning needs may vary between different offices. The amount of furniture, size of the office, and the convenient time to clean the office are among the factors considered in creating individual cleaning package. Common packages includes:

- Cleaning windows and grills of the office
- Emptying and replacing of the rubbish bins.
- Vacuuming, mopping and sweeping of the floors.
- Cleaning the walls
- Cleaning and changing the curtains
- Arranging furniture and creating ample working space within the office.
Part-Time Cleaning

Closing the office to clean may result to waste of time and loss of business. Part-time cleaning offers the perfect solution to ensure the office is able to run smoothly without interruptions on daily operations. To make this possible, Cleaning companies maintains permanent employees who are assigned to tasks when need arises. This ensures that the required job is done in time and to full satisfaction.

Legal Requirement

Singapore has very strict laws on employment and provision of services. Cleaning companies always ensure their employees are legalized to work within the country. The employees are required to have work permits alongside being provided with identification by the employer company. This ensures the employees and the cleaning companies can be easily identified and easy to contact them when need arises.
Engaging Cleaning Companies

After choosing the right company for the job, it is important to ensure there is a contract in place. The contents of the contract include:

- The extent of services to be accorded by the company.
- The agreed cost of the services.
- Time and duration that the services will be provided.
- Obligation of the cleaning company, employee and the office concerning the cleaning processes. This includes things like provision of materials and equipments.
Ascertaining the Right Company for the Job

Choosing a spring cleaning company can be a tricky job. With so many companies offering cleaning services, choosing between them can be tedious. However, it is an important step to ensure the range of services available are satisfactory. Among the credential to look out for include

- Company registration
- Most of registered companies are genuine. They strive to offer quality service and at the same time are easy to reach in the event of breach of contract.

- Compliance with local authorities – Local authorizes have in place regulation concerning a range of cleaning activities. Such include disposal of waste and safety of the employees among others. The right company should provide proof of compliance with the stipulated regulations.
- Trained staff – Offices are different. The range of items and furniture vary with the purpose for which the office is used. The staff of the cleaning company requires knowledge n how to handle different furniture and appliances in the office. It is the responsibility of the company to train their staff adequately and in such way ensure quality services are offered.

- Insurance
– breakages and damages are prone to occur during the extensive cleaning. Responsibility for these damages lies with the cleaning company and in such way, an insurance coverage is essential.

- Cleaning rates
– The cost of cleaning varies between companies. Most professional companies charge slightly higher but their services are worth the costs. Cost is determined through a number of factors that include the extent of cleaning required, the number of staff required for the exercise, the size of the office and the duration within which the services are required. Holidays and special events are also charged at a higher cost.

- Safety and security
– The safety of your staff in the office and your office equipments is paramount. An ideal cleaning company will offer an assurance on the security and safety of your property and staff during the cleaning exercise. This may include having an insurance coverage alongside trained staff.

- Environmental Impact
– Globally, environmental conservation is of great concern. An ideal cleaning company requires to have measures to ensure the materials and equipment used as well as the cleaning process does not pose an environmental hazard.

Provision of Cleaning Materials and Equipment

For effective and satisfactory results, there are materials and equipment required fort he leaning process. Different companies will have varying requirements in this regard and therefore important to consider the terms provided extensively.

While most companies will provide with equipment such as, you will be required to provide the materials required such as the detergents. Some companies offer to provide the materials at an additional cost. Others will provide with a list of the materials you need to acquire before commencement of the cleaning process. If you have to buy the materials, it is important to consult with the company to identify the most appropriate materials for the job.


Office cleaning often comes as a challenge to many holders and staff working within. In such an instance, sourcing for a spring cleaning company may offer the right solution for such problems. However, it is important to source and find the ideal company in terms of competence to offer the services. Searching in Singapore directories and seeking referral are among the key sources while seeking for the best company.